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The Culebras Valley Archaeological Project is a long-term, international and interdisciplinary investigation that aims to shed a new light on the discussion of complex pre-Columbian societies on the North Coast of Peru.

The project began in 2002 as a cooperative effort between the Center for Precolumbian Studies of Warsaw University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru at Lima under bilateral agreement between the two universities.

It is co-directed by Krzysztof Makowski (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima), Milosz Giersz (Center for Precolumbian Studies of Warsaw University, Poland) and Patrycja Przadka Giersz (Center for Precolumbian Studies of Warsaw University, Poland) and supported by grants from the State Committee for Scientific Research of Polish Ministry of Education and Science and private sponsors.

Information presented in this website was obtained with the support of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

This website offers you information on various aspects of the Culebras Valley Archaeological Project as well as the aims, personnel, and results of archaeological surveys presented as a special GIS Geodatabase.

We hope you find it enjoyable!